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  1. @Blaveloper I wasn`t very accurate with my statement there. I actually meant to include cultural, culinary etc. elements as well. My fingers were just a bit faster in typing than my head in thinking. It is possible that French speakers are lazier than German speakers but I just find it hard to believe that language affects your attitude towards work. And cultural differences are very small between the people I teach (if there are any at all). I teach in Biel/Bienne which is basically a bilingual city. What I can imagine is that French speaking people just find German an ugly la
  2. As a language teacher I have to disagree. ( I teach German, French and English) I`m talking about Switzerland in the following and of course there are exceptions to my statements: French natives hate learning German more than anything else. Swiss-German natives hate learning French more than anything else. But now and then there are students that like that language and what I observed is: Even if a French native loves German, his level of proficiency in German is lower,than that of a German native that hates French in French. And that`s not because I t
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