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  1. @Blaveloper I wasn`t very accurate with my statement there. I actually meant to include cultural, culinary etc. elements as well. My fingers were just a bit faster in typing than my head in thinking. It is possible that French speakers are lazier than German speakers but I just find it hard to believe that language affects your attitude towards work. And cultural differences are very small between the people I teach (if there are any at all). I teach in Biel/Bienne which is basically a bilingual city. What I can imagine is that French speaking people just find German an ugly language. And that might block their motivation or something. But I still think that grammar is an important factor. And I`ve learned Japanese as well and in my opinion your comparison between Spanish and Japanese is not really good. Of all the languages I`ve learned so far Japanese had by far the easiest grammar. Of course there are complicated aspects to it`s grammar as well e.g. the particles or honorifics and all that but it`s in my opinion still a lot easier than for example all the different tenses in Spanish. Of course Japanese is more foreign and harder to get into and the word and all that is strange in the beginning but I don`t really get why you think the grammar is hard. Could you explain that to me please? Maybe I`m missing something. And don`t get me wrong I do not intend to discourage anyone to learn a langauge which is labelled as "difficult" or complicated. I share the opinion that you should learn what interests you the most. However saying that that language is the easiest to learn is just not true in my opinion. But if you are interested in a culture or language then you can easily learn it despite the difficulties.
  2. As a language teacher I have to disagree. ( I teach German, French and English) I`m talking about Switzerland in the following and of course there are exceptions to my statements: French natives hate learning German more than anything else. Swiss-German natives hate learning French more than anything else. But now and then there are students that like that language and what I observed is: Even if a French native loves German, his level of proficiency in German is lower,than that of a German native that hates French in French. And that`s not because I teach French better or anything. TheGerman language is just not as regular and grammatically more complicated. What do you think about that?
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