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  1. I know what you mean, whenever there is a manual with a spanish section, there's always multiple mistakes, its almost like they didn't bothered to look it up in google. Now that I have gained some better English understanding I realize they used a bad translator because the mistakes are usually literal translations that make no sense at all. Don't even bother I don't think they care.
  2. I have found that google translator works wonders when its Spanish to English or vice-versa but not so much for Spanish-Portuguese which are the main languages I translate to. I wouldn't really use the translator for a language I don't know anything at all but if you're going to use it anyways, I suggest to translate always from English and not your native language.
  3. Spanish: Mentiras y calumnias. Portuguese : Mentiras e calĂșnias. That's all I can do with this little information, I'm not sure if "lies and slander!" is just a regular sentence or is more intended as an expression.
  4. There's so many specific slang words out here, I live in Venezuela and it become so obvious when meeting people from Argentina, Ecuador, even Colombia that is a neighbor country has plenty of different words and it is not only slang. There is a ridiculous amount of Spanish words some countries use and others doesn't, so is the case of people i have meet that learned Argentinian Spanish and then they realize that it's only gonna work over there because its 90% slang.
  5. I tend to think that taking a course is the best way to learn, even though I have never taken a course many people I know have done it and they do learn pretty fast. This wasn't my case at all, I been learning at a really slow pace since I was a kid but what really boosted the learning process for me was chatting with other people and using google's translator constantly.
  6. This is like the idea of having the same currency for the whole world. my question is what would that language be? beside the possible implications mentioned above in replies, there are human morals and values involved that won't let us accept a foreign country language as a good thing. its been historically a sign of defeat and submission to embrace a foreign langue over your own, I don't think it would ever happen, even if there was an official language everyone accepted, there still would exist secret language spoken forever.
  7. I have had the desire to learn latin for a while now but never really devoted to it because I think it would be really time-consuming for me. When I'm learning something I go crazy obsessed for a couple of weeks and of course, its not going to make my resume more appealing or anything. On the other hand, this seems so easy to get started I might as well give it a try, thanks.
  8. I use google translator all the time, I have tried every translator out there and nothing compares to google's, probably because it involves some AI in its algoritm which allows it to learn. The possibility to carry it on my phone makes it even better. You should try the app on your phone, it has so many tools that the computer version doesn't and even a real-time voice translator which is great.
  9. Hi there, I'm planning a trip to the either the US or Trinidad and Tobago which aren't the same "English" at all but I wasn't sure about making two different topics. Anybody willing to help me with some lessons or just casually speaking English would be great. I already know some good English but my speaking skills are pretty much non-existent due to the lack of practice. I would also love to help with some Spanish lessons, tips or whatever you might need for your own proyect.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm from Venezuela born and raised, my first language is Spanish but I have been learning English at a slow pace for years now. This is my first time traveling outside my country, possibly to the US, that's why I'm trying to get some help for improving my speaking skills. This looks like a pretty cool site to hang out and learn, I also hope to make some friends and contribute. Anybody that need translation or whatever in Spanish I'll be glad to help.
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