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  1. What really helped me get ahead was Memrise (just Google it) and it's a site for word memorization. I know in some languages it can be hard to find good lists, as they are made by other users, but if you can it is really worth your time.
  2. That's how I learned English as a child - by watching Cartoon Network. Now as I'm trying to learn German I try to watch Galileo every night, which is this informative program about culture, science and life in general. But honestly I think I learned a lot more by watching German let's plays on YouTube.
  3. My reasons are a bit silly. I was working on a story for a really long time that takes place in 18th century Germany and I felt I wanted to get in my characters head a lot more. And the even more sillier reason is that I'm very vain and would love to tell people that I speak 3 foreign languages. The only non-silly answer is that I just love languages.
  4. Asking what is the easiest language to learn is like asking how far is Paris. The answer depends on where you are. As for things like culture - I'm not sure. For me the key to learning a language was interacting with it daily and having a use for it. That I think is very important for beginners to understand that a language is not like riding a bicycle.
  5. Yeah, I've been there where you try and you try and you feel you aren't making any progress. And you want to take the easy way out by saying - maybe it's just not for me, maybe I don't have what it takes. But you have to keep trying. I know I was at a point where I thought I was just wasting my time and I would never get as far as I have.
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