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  1. English spelling errors are not uncommon unfortunately, but kinda makes you feel nice knowing that your English is better. You can try to send an email to the developer/manufacturer and so on, but in most cases they won't waste more money to produce new labels/packages just because "eggs" is written with double "g", for example.
  2. This is a very interesting piece of information. Personally I like the American accent because it sounds more down-to-earth, if I may say so. It's great for learning. However, the British accent also has its flavor and value in various circumstances. A British girl speaking English sounds sexy!
  3. Google Translate is great for just one or two words. It is also great for finding synonyms. However, I wouldn't use it to translate a block of text simply because it won't make any sense afterwards. The algorithms in Google Translate are not designed to produce a translation that actually makes sense.
  4. I do believe that some languages are easier to learn than other ones. For example, English is much easier to learn in comparison with Japanese, for example, simply because it is encountered all around us (especially on the internet), it has easier grammar and you don't need to learn 3 alphabets to write it. Also, the more you like how a language sounds, the more likely you are to master it quicker.
  5. Hi guys, I'm Steven from Romania and I'm glad to be here. I'm fluent in English and a beginner with Spanish, so I'm looking for tips to learn this beautiful language. Delighted to have found this forum!
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