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  1. 上周,在星期六的上午,我打扫了我的房子。下午我本想读书,但是我看了一部很有意思的电影。上星期日我睡过头。好好休息了一下之后,我继续去看书了。
  2. 去 qù This means to go, leave or depart. It is a verb. Example sentences: 你去哪儿?Nǐ qù nǎr? [Pinyin] which means Where are you going?
  3. I agree, it is very hard to find consistently good and free Youtube language learning videos, especially in languages that are not so popular. I love watching Youtube videos in my target language. I do not really watch the language learning ones because I find them a bit boring, however, Youtube has introduced me to language podcasts which were a game changer when I used the subway. I am learning Chinese now, and it is quite interesting. I mix my favourite hobbies (cooking and makeup) together so I watch a lot of beauty Here is an example of what I love to watch:
  4. I always thought Arabic and Sanskrit were the most beautiful alphabets out there. I am a bit biased in choosing Chinese over them, mainly because I currently live in China and I am studying it. I love reading it and learning new characters, and the meaning behind them. I love writing it so Chinese Simplified wins for me. Chinese can be very mundane to study, but I would definitely choose to study it as opposed to Arabic which looks way too difficult.
  5. Hello everybody! I am an expat living in Shanghai, China. I am originally from South Africa and I am currently studying art and design in China. I am fluent in a few South African languages ( We have eleven official languages there). I speak Sotho, Setwana, Afrikaans and of course English. I understand the other languages but cannot speak them fluently. I am currently studying Chinese (Or Mandarin, for others who prefer to call it that). I also studied Spanish and French as minors in freshmen but I am not confident in them. It is lovely to meet you all.
  6. My favourite word is Ming明 in Chinese, mainly because of the characters it uses. It is a combination of the character for sun日 and moon 月 (yuè) put together to mean "bright". It is such a beautiful way of explaining bright, it can also mean to understand and for something to become clear for you. I find many Chinese words beautiful but this is my favorite because of the image in my head of the sun and the moon together.
  7. 你们好!我叫珍妮,我是南非人,我来自约翰呢斯堡。我住在上海,我是留学生。很高兴认识你们!
  8. 我觉得桂林是中国漂亮的地方。桂林一风景优美著称!还有很多中国人说桂林山水甲天下,我完全同意因为我去过了。
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