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  1. Where I'm from we are taught English in schools as our first language as we were once governed by England. However, we have our own dialect called Patois which is used here a lot. I would agree that when irritated for whatever reason we tend to switch to Patois almost in an instant. It is as if it is much sweeter (more entertaining), and easier to get to the meat of the matter using the dialect. It's so full of flavour and comes across as more direct than using English sometimes. It definitely is funnier and can be brutal and more intense all at the same time than say standard English. I speak
  2. Hello all, I'm new here and feeling optimistic now that I've joined this forum. I studied French & Spanish throughout my years of high school. In my first year of university I thought of venturing into learning Chinese but I retreated and stuck with what I was comfortable with at the time. I continued with Spanish for a bit university but then stopped so I'd say I'm in need of a refreshers lol. I hope to accomplish some of that and also to learn new things from being here.
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