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  1. I like this method and yes it may sound very basic but you have to start somewhere don't you?! Our first stages of learning anything at all were indeed basic so yes I think that this could really help many of us who struggle with the beaten down method of a bunch of words being thrown at us with great expectation that we will easily remember them. I prefer a balance in both words and pictorial material. I find that it most times makes it easier for me to comprehend and memorise the material which keeps me interested. Of course you can use your imagination but sometimes a simple photo or diagra
  2. +Victor Leigh That's certainly a smart approach and I believe variety definitely helps to break monotony in any aspect of life itself.Like myself, I tend to get bored with things pretty easily and want to move on to something else or another way of achieving the task at hand. While I was studying languages in school, the prescribed texts were enough in a sense but it was an annual challenge to source the required reading and listening material as I don't reside in the US or so. To add to that, they were a pretty penny but sacrifices were made. So, I say, if you can afford to acquire a good var
  3. That's so very true, it's a constant learning process and the key is practicing it. Yup, it does ;-)
  4. Yes they can be a bit slow for us adults. Adults might use them as memory assistance for the basic stuff for the most part.
  5. Another point is that, where I'm from, not all early childhood schools offer foreign languages as part of their core curriculum. So with the children being encouraged to watch such programmes at home, they're learning extra skills and gives them more advantage compared to children that are unexposed to foreign languages. My basic school didn't offer foreign languages unfortunately but high school was where I was formally taught French and Spanish.
  6. +Staalfur1999 Thanks for the encouragement and yes I am hard on myself a lot (guess you noticed). No I don't know about it but thanks for the heads up and I will certainly look into that.
  7. Yeah, sometimes overdoing it works against you just the same as not doing enough. Honestly, when I think about re-familiarising myself with languages via a full on refreshers course I feel intimidated. It seems a little daunting to me now as I have tons of other things I want to take care of at the moment. Maybe one day I'll gain the courage and just do it.
  8. I've come across a few over the years but it would be a case where I'm searching through channels and caught bits and pieces of this type of show. I would watch and listen to test my knowledge and memory especially if it was French or Spanish to see if I could relate to what was being said. Some things I'd catch, others were a blur, lol. They are pretty helpful, not only do they entertain children but it teaches them a thing or two and trust and believe, they're grasping information while enjoying the programmes. The more they watch those programmes the more their brains are programmed (punny)
  9. I like your approach, don't give up on it becasue it just might come in handy in your future. It's also a good feeling when you accomplish it for yourself.
  10. +Victor Leigh No prob, will check it out. Btw, I'm no programmer but I have a genuine interest in technology and how it is created and how it works. I do have a creative mind so things like that I find interesting. Plus, I like to know how to do things myself where possible even when it comes to a computer or gadgets in general. I've been wanting to do a web design course for a minute now but I haven't been able to get to. Still determined to become certified hopefully sooner than later though.
  11. Haha, you're interesting re the last part of your post. I might take that approach in mastering said applications.
  12. Hi, in my case, my first language is English and I studied French and Spanish while at secondary school. I decided to continue with Spanish at the tertiary level and eventually made it my minor. However, I had challenges from year to year and it became a burden to be honest. Some might think that, well if you did it for the time you did why stop?! Now I'm the type to fight through things as much as I possibly can but at the time, I had too much going and I think a mental block set in especially due to the fact that the language teacher was very inefficient in my opinion and I became somewhat u
  13. +Barburra I definitely know what you mean and I too like that approach. Sometimes it can feel like information overload when you try to cram it all in all at once or in one sitting. The brain is more receptive when not so pressured and you process and grasp the information more easily with breaking it up into shorter sessions. I think that for me at least, in a situation where you have to bulk it together and cram, it becomes extremely daunting and you stray away from doing it and you lose out in the long run.
  14. I like that you brought up the instance where someone learning a new language is maybe more in need of being corrected. I don't think it would be fair to you the person instructing them or helping them to learn it, much less they themselves learning to be misled. It could also be looked at as a similar approach taken when teaching young children to speak well. Their earliest years are their formative years so on an average they are taught the proper way of speaking so as to not embarrass their parents or themselves.
  15. +GaeilgeGirl I'm with you on that, I too might feel a little uneasy at first but as I said, it's the approach and how it's done. However, like you I'm definitely the type to want to know the correct thing and if the person who is trying to correct me isn't convincing me enough about the matter or word at hand, I'll go look it up myself. I tend to do so anyway just to be sure.
  16. +VinayaSpeaks That's understandable, I would sometimes feel like the same way as I get bored easily so I know exactly what you mean. +lushala Yes, that's true in terms of selecting your purpose for taking on the language of choice, whether for basic learning purposes vs. a more in depth approach. Timing is crucial, you have to be willing to throw yourself into it, otherwise you might struggle with it. +Miss Te Despite the short learning periods (according to you), you seem to be dedicated to it as you said you never miss your weekly lessons which is great. Keep at it +Norm A Wow
  17. Yes, the social context is extremely important in knowing when to use which sayings in particular situations as you not only want the listner or recipient to understand but you also don't want to offend anyone, unless that's your intention haha. For example, a certain saying might be used in one area as a friendly greeting while on the other side of town persons may not be so accepting of it.
  18. So we fantasize about learning all these foreign languages but how much time do you put into the learning process? What type of schedule have you created for yourself in order to master your language of choice?
  19. I like the way you expressed your take on it because I share those sentiments. The more fluent the speaker, the faster they might speak which makes it difficult for the non-speaker to catch on to what is being said leaving a cloud of confusion.
  20. Lol, that's pretty questionable, better yet it's actually hilarious to me. Why would you do that? Only they would know what they meant.
  21. In reference to @fcuco, I did touch on the mental aspect of it all a little bit, just didn't go into great detail. I had said it takes a lot of concentration, practising and a healthy mental space to conquer learning a language. I agree that memorisation is a major part of the challenge as it relates to the grammar, nouns, verbs and phrases or idioms. Language may differ from place to place but some elements are standard. Therefore, you must be willing to learn those elements and continuously revise them for them to become cemented in your memory
  22. When I studied languages, I had occasional issues with the vocal and listening aspects of each language. Sometimes my nerves would be all over the place causing me to forget words or sentence structure.I don't enjoy exams so I sometimes would get flustered and not perform as well as I would want to but you have to learn to recollect yourself and focus and get it done. Listening was like my worst enemy, lol, particularly when you had to listen to a very fast speaker. Ugh, that used to kick my behind but sometimes it was not so difficult and I managed to capture what was said. Learning a languag
  23. I agree that the misuse of words can alter the gist or intention of the literature like in stories or instructions. Words can change an entirely different situation and that leads to misunderstandings and we don't want that. However, at the same time, it's natural for us humans to make mistakes so what we should try our best to do is learn the languages properly before using them. Get help if you need to and don't be lazy or sloppy just because you can. You'll only look silly in the end.
  24. Another thing I find with some texters is that I don't know if it's a case of them honestly not knowing how to spell or how to apply correct subject-verb agreement or they just don't care about all that anymore. If you're not careful. you might get caught up with the shortcuts and lose the knack of speaking and writing proper English. I cringe everyday because of so much improper grammar and spelling.
  25. I generally text using proper English, with good grammar, spelling and punctuation but it depends on whom I'm speaking with. I sometimes use the shorthand method but I try not to overdo it because not only do the readers get frustrated but I also feel dissatisfied having to look at too many unnecessarily chopped up words. I tend to only use shorthand texting with my peers though or if I'm really comfortable with the person I'm talking to. In the initial stages of texting someone more so if we just began texting, I always use full words and sentences. It comes naturally to me to do this
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