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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm Michael/Mihai and I'm a Romanian born and raised! It's a pleasure to be here!
  2. "Never mind" is spelled together, so Nevermind is correct here.
  3. "Ones" and "the others" need to be corrected to One's and the other's because without the verb "is", the sentence doesn't make sense.
  4. After some point, you stop "learning" English, the moment you get comfortable enough o watch a movie/listen to the lyrics of a song and understand it, is the moment you stop translating in your head English to your Native Tongue. Of course, learning a few tid bits along the way is great for your vocabulary!
  5. "It" is just a replacement for a noun and it can be swapped with any noun, that would make sense in the sentence. "Its" is a possessive pronoun that is used to emphasize whose property said noun is. It's a nice car. / That Ferrari's a nice car. The cat sleeps in its own room.
  6. "What could have happen" is incorrect because the auxiliary verb "have" needs to be followed by a verb used by the Present Perfect tense, the third form of the verb (happen/happened/happened). If you were to remove the verb "have", the tense would be correct. "What could happen?" is a Present tense used to describe a following action that did not happen yet and "What could have happened"?" is a Present Perfect tense used to describe an imaginary action that did not happen, but could have.
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