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  1. If there's a mistake that they continuously make, it's not their native language and I know they're learning, then I'll just pick them up on it. Plus I'll let them know that I'm only telling them to help them out in the long run. Surely it's just easier to tell them flat out because as Zabina12 says, if they're a friend, they shouldn't find it offensive. They should take it as good constructive criticism from a native speaker.
  2. I've wanted to do this for some time, but never had the chance or got around to it, nor would I know where to start! I reckon I would prefer to teach children over adults though because they'd be more likely to be willing to learn and also have a better grasp of it.
  3. Me too, I agree with this and support the idea. I have plenty of ideas for topics in a "General Discussion" as well as language based ones. A "General Discussion" would also be great for people to practise languages too and talk about hobbies, news etc.
  4. I don't think Duolingo is necessarily the best, but it's definitely helpful, at least for me. I feel like some aspects of the language learning are a bit all over the place, especially with "smaller" languages such as Welsh. I like Duolingo though because it's more fun, almost like a game. I think it's aimed a lot at children and students studying language so that teachers can encourage students to revise language in their own time, but it's also great for the rest of us too. Other than that, the app is VERY easy to use, especially for beginners who have no previous knowledge of a la
  5. Hi, I'm Ruby and I'm a student (not languages though, photography) from the UK. I've always enjoyed learning languages, but kind of lapsed after I finished school. I've since tried to pick up French again and also learn some very basic Welsh. Apart from language learning, I love music (especially live), photography and cooking. I hope to speak to you soon! Have a great day!
  6. I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned it, but I've used Duolingo (app/website) on occasion. It's not the most reliable, but it's fun and I've picked up some more French on top of what I learned in school and also learned basic Welsh from it.
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