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  1. The thing is that Google translate only works for larger languages because there is enough training data. Google uses statistical approach, which means it shows the most probable result based on how many times the phrase you're trying to find appears in their translated data. Some other companies use different approach. They're trying to combine statistical approach and rule-based approach (knowledge of morphology, syntax, word order...) and with these and enough data they should achieve better results. I know that Lingea does this. More information about comparison of translators and dictionaries and what they're for: http://dict.com/Info-en (Scroll down) Sorry for the long post. Does it make sense?
  2. Do you only use one resource or many? Like language blogs, dictionaries, grammar books, italki... And how does that work for you? What do you think is the mos efficient way?
  3. When I as in Russia in Caucasus I used to say horse (ло́шадь [ƚoʂətJ]) instead of spoon (ло́жка [ƚoʐkə]). People first thaught I was weird for my urgen need of a horse during meals, but it was explained quite soon. In my defence I just picked most of these words by hearing them from natives.
  4. What about "Peculiar"? Anyone experiencing problems with that? PS: Highly recommend this Monty Python language sketch:
  5. Do you know www.hangukdrama.com? It's a blog exactly about Korean and Japanese. And Shana, the owner, is REALY great girl. I don't learn these languages but sometimes I read her posts anyway.
  6. Huh.... Ok. I guess you're right. I'm a bit old fashioned in this sense (and a bit spoiled as well). I always thought the best way is to learn from books and dictionaries (memorizing vocabulary). Don't you have a feeling that you could be learning faster without these apps? Let's say you're motivated, you have the grammar and a vocabulary.
  7. This has been bugging me for some time now. I don't understand the popularity of Duolinguo. I used to learn with Busuu and I don't really understand how it happened that Duolinguo has taken over the market... Is it customer care? Better experience? More colors? :-) Can anyone explain? Thanks
  8. Guys come on! There are resources for learning Japanese (or any other language) out there. The only reason why are people using sites like duolinguo are just because it requires less thinking from your side and there are colors and it helps you with motivation. Everyone can learn any language. All you need it a dictionary and a piece of paper Try a dictionary like www.dict.com, learn few words, how to pronounce them, look at the grammar, later, start using monolingual dictionaries, like http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/. Please don't make excuses. These apps only help with motivation. Lecturer can help you with grammar understanding.
  9. Some languages are not very widespread or are only spoken in one country, like Catalunian, Estonian, Danish... Do you think there is enough resources for learning foreign languages? Are there enough dictionaries, language pairs or websites that help you learn the langauges?
  10. Haha, although it's not a problem of language knowledge I always struggle with Thursday and Tuesday and I sometimes mix them up not realizing it. Which makes people around me confused. But the real question is: What do YOU struggle with?
  11. I do. German and Russian. It's not bad. It's good that you can choose what to learn. Sometimes I feel more like doing German and sometimes Russian. On the other hand, these languages are very different so there's no mixing involved. Also every language means different culture and different books ;-) What languages do you have in mind?
  12. Dear god, this is a horrible topic! Everyone probably experienced something like this :-) I started and never finished Hebrew and standard Arabic. I regret not finishing both because both are extremely interesting.
  13. Czech is great (I kinda have to say this because I'm Czech ;-) ) but the company a I work for are opening a branch in Serbia so if you learned the language properly, perhaps they'd offer you a job ;-) It's Lingea. They also have a Polish branch in Krakow. So that's my avice. cheers
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