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  1. The common denominator between all the great teachers I've had is they know when to challenge me or push me to my limit but at the same time they have the skill of making you feel successful and giving me specific positive praise before giving me feedback and constructive criticism
  2. I thought i was on another new website the minute I logged in. I like this better than the old one! Looks more professional and clean than before.
  3. Duolingo is the only app ive used everyday that turned my language practice into a habit! I recently discovered memrise tho and it looks good too... havent ised bussu... only thing i dont like about duolingo is sometimes my streak gets broken even tho ive finished a lesson that day! Must be because im not onlinr everyday...
  4. Thanks! I agree the greatest thing you can do to level up on your language learning is to speak with a native speaker! I know a lot of people who have stayed in and out of Japan for a few months for work and vacation but without any formal education on the language and their nihonggo are way better than those who have taken formal language courses
  5. Wow I learned something new today! I'm gonna try and find an opportunity to use this whenever I can just because it makes me sound like some wise sage... Don't you think it's sometimes better tho to take some risk going for the 2 birds in the bush than settling with the one on hand?
  6. Pardon if someone already anawered by question but how does rosetta stone work exactly? How does it differ from other language apps like duolingo and pimsleur?
  7. Hola Springbreeze! mucho gusto en conocerte! Pardon por mi espanol, solo hablo y entiendo un poco pero me gusta conocer mas sobre de ti! Me gusta dibujar pero yo solo puedo hacer dibujos animados. Me gusta hacer ejercisio y correr en las montanas y en la carretera
  8. Me gusta hacer correr! Y hace ejercisio. Me gusta tambien estudiar los idiomas y me gusta tocar con mis gatos:)
  9. gracias @oddvisions Penso que quiero decir mucho gusto en conocerte o encantada de conocerte. Creo que la palabra conocerla es espanol pormal? he oido en Pimsleur...
  10. Motivation is great but even more important is turning your language practice into a habit so that it becomes automatic. Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going. Just do it everyday in small doses and youll form the habit. Duolingo helped a lot because i wanted to maintain mu streak!
  11. Dont be afraid to make mistakes and just keep talking to native speakers people usually find it endearing when you learn their language. Another good tip is to focus on pronunciation and pay attention to the accent and rythm just like listening to music or song..
  12. What are your favorite language learning podcasts? I used to listen to this podcast way back when podcasting were relatively unknown.. it's from an americam guy living in japan and he teaches every day nihonggo... lots of cool trivia and little nuisances he tells about the language but i cant seem to find the site anymore...What are your favorite language learning podcasts?
  13. I've had the same problems! After I've finished pimsleur japanese 1, I watched animes in nihonggo but I only recognize very few of the words they used in pimsleur. I think the conversations they used in pimsleur was too formal and business like. I wish Michel Thomas had Japanese courses, in my opinion I think his courses are way better.
  14. I think the best way to go is to learn one language first and apply the 80/20 rule to it. Once you have enough efficiency on your first language, learn the next one applying the 80/20 rule once again and then learn another one until you get to five languages or more. Then once you have the basics down on the languages you've learned, you can relearn them and study them to a higher mastery level. In my experience, I found that it my Spanish helps in my current learning of French because they have a lot of similar words or roots!
  15. Hola! Welcome to linguaholic! What language do you want to learn?
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