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  1. Exactly! Even the people whose native language is not English can learn a new language in their first language, which is another reason this program is so great!
  2. Oh no! Try typing Pronunciator in google it should come up. If it doesn't then I don't know what else to tell you.
  3. If you guys didn't know already, the creation of courses is completely dependent on volunteers. You can find out which courses are being created and what stage they are in at the Duolingo Incubator. The last time I checked, no one was working on Japanese, and I'm currently waiting for Klingon and Russian to reach the Beta phase. I hope this helps, but just know that not all of the courses are created by the developers; volunteers are signed on to create new courses.
  4. Hello, guys! This is my first post, but I know a really good place to help with your language learning! It's called Pronunciator; it is a website and an app (I prefer the website more, but I use both). The program features 80 different languages you can learn. It is a completely free site but only if you are a student and your school supports the program (like my school) or you are a member of your local library and they support it, which they most likely do. If you are not a student or do not have a library membership you will have to pay. I am learning Korean through this site, and it is
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