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  1. Ok, today was my last final of spring semester. I have to wait all summer, before my second italian class. I DO NOT want to lapse. So please forgive me in advance. I will be honest, I will respond in bad elementary italian as I keep myself up to date with my textbook and online app options. Topics we covered to help you talk to me in italian and (help me respond): basics verbs past and present basic vocab food time weather greetings among a few. Think level 5 in Duolingo. Sadly think like you are speaking to a kid. LOL and a child probably knows more than me in Italy. So here's what I promise: I won't use translation unless I'm utterly confused. I may reply wrong. Why? I found that I can read semi well and understand. Listening and responding especially written is where I suffered this semester. My responses were so basic they resulted in "I like the color green" or "I like dogs". I also noticed that I get confused while watching Italian movies. So I know you all can help me and hopefully be tolerable of my bad responses. Hahahah who wants to start?
  2. I'm taking college level Italian as a degree requirement. Although there is no app for the class, I found that I remembered vocabulary better through Duolingo. I also tried Rosetta Stone (the free phone app) but I got bored really easily, and questioned sometimes what they were showing me. I'm always on the lookout for new apps though.
  3. speaking of books, I know that American books (older and public domain) can be obtained free through places like Project Guten. Is there a similar type place available for starter or at least books to attempt to read in Italian? I've honestly never looked, and if someone has suggestions that could save me search time I would appreciate it!
  4. I would certainly enjoy a thread like that. I just finished my first semester with italian AND I have to wait all summer before I finish my second semester for college. I need anything this summer to keep my up to date, and using Italian. Anything helps! On a personal note... I'm also interested in slang... so I can yell out random stuff to my friends;)
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