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  1. Whenever I have kids I would like to start playing language cds from when they are still in my tummy. I have read that even though they are still in, the chances are that when they come out they and you start teaching them, they will have a better understanding if you will of the language.
  2. I would love to learn Gaelic and Latin, maybe some ancient Egyptian and some Funigalo ( a mixture of the South African languages, which was used in the mines.) I am not sure if that one counts but still one I wouldn't mind learning.
  3. I don't know, I think Google Translate has a long way to go still, I used it a while back to translate something into French and my sister who studied French didn't understand what I was trying to say. I think the old paper dictionary is still the best.
  4. LOL! is over used these days I would say, even though I use it to this day. It is kind of sad how the English language has been modified just for convenience sake. I mean I have heard of schools and some universities allowing what we call 'Mxit' talk. Which is basically shorten of words and turning them into a bunch of letters, like 'by the way' is now btw, 'please call me' is now pcm, ' what are you doing?' is now wud? It just saddening to think that our children of today are growing up with this being the way you should write, instead of writing out in full.
  5. When I was in primary school, here in South Africa, I had to learn how to speak Southern Sotho. For the life of me, I can barely remember how to greet, say my name, but I can count up to nine. Weird :confused:
  6. Wow and thanks, will check that out. Seems like a good app to learn many a language.
  7. As it says above, I am looking for an app for my smart phone to help me learn Latin, do you guys and girls know of any good ones?
  8. My boyfriend is using an app that he found in his Google PlayStore on his smart phone called 'babbel' where he has found a German learning app and an Italian, maybe there is a Spanish one as well
  9. I know it isn't exactly an online thing but do you guys and gals know where could I find a smart phone application that can help me learn Gaelic?
  10. I haven't started learning Russian yet, although I am interested in doing so. I have heard that the way you have to pronounce the words are challenging, and I find the way the language is written a bit intimidating.
  11. I have recently found that there are many ways and means to learn Italian, whether it is through books, tapes/CD's, computer programs or even apps on your smart phone. I believe either way is great, I suppose it just depends on the person who is learning.
  12. Slang is well very different for everyone. I do use slang in my speech and even sometimes in my writing, especially when chatting to friends. "braai" is a South African word for barbeque. "lekker" is another word for nice.
  13. I agree with you there, 'ha ha' is better used than 'lol', although I do used 'lol' more than I do 'ha ha'.
  14. I would like to learn Italian and German at the moment.
  15. I have been told that I have a Scottish accent or a British accent bit I believe that I have neither. Lol I have even been told that I have an American accent but I am a South African and I have never set foot out of the country.
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