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  1. Thanks lots lots lots Trellum for your detailed reply!! I'm so happy for you that it all worked out eventually! And wow, a 9 for Reading is excellent!!! Congratulations and keep up with the great work. How lucky, the process didn't take very long for you. Only 3+ months from exam date up till mvv approval! Wow!! I hope it will be just as speedy for me. I was panicking earlier because I heard it was going to take a timeframe of about 6-7 months from the time I book the exam until I get the mvv, which includes a 2 months wait for an exam date. I was so ready to take the exam that week when I called the embassy but was told the next available slot was probably 2 months away, ie in July. I was really disappointed. So I quickly booked for the exam (this was in mid May) and within 5 days (the whole process of payment, confirmations from DUO and calling the Dutch embassy in Singapore), I finally got the exam date, which is next week! So it isn't as long as I thought. That gave me about 5 weeks to revise all 65 lessons on the naarnederland website. I was sooo sooo ready to take the exam a month ago, but now, I'm not sure if I'm 100% ready for next week's exam. Hah!! A little nervous, yes. Just a bit of info, I'm from Singapore. My Dutch husband and I got married in Singapore in January. We've already registered our marriage with his local gemeente in April (after a few hiccups with my passport/name details, which is now sorted). We made a visit to the IND office and a nice officer explained to us what we needed to do - pass the inburgering exam first, then apply for the mvv. It may take 3 months max to hear back from them on the mvv application. We're planning for my move late this year, but I am hoping it would be sooner so I can have more time to give notice to my current employer. Yes, I read on another thread about the words not taught in the naarnederland course appearing in the exam. I'm not sure if it was another person who mentioned it. Did that happen often for you? Or did it appear on one or two questions? My vocabulary is still one of my weaknesses, besides listening and answering... and a lot of times, I just cannot absorb anymore. Words like vreselijk and verschrikkelijk are terrible words to remember! And one thing I really dislike is, they use multiple words for the same meaning, eg heel veel, zeer veel, heleboel. It's very confusing for beginner level when no explanation is given. A lot of initiative is required when self-studying. What would you recommend I look up - more adjectives, names of animals...?
  2. Whooops! I replied to another post when it was meant to be on this post. Sorry! But Congratulations again! You must be thrilled and a pro now with Dutch! Just wondering on the timeline. Seems you got your results in 2 weeks - that is great! And does it take 3 months for the mvv to be approved? I made payment to DUO only yesterday and can't make an appointment for my exam till I hear from them (next week perhaps). I called the embassy and they say the earliest exam slot is in July!!! I want to cry! Because it's such a long wait. I'm all prepared for the Inburgering exam though... just wish I registered months ago... Which means, this could take 7 months to process, from the time I make an appointment for the exam date.
  3. Hi Trellum, Congratulations on passing your Inburgering exam! I'll be taking the same exam too, but I'm so disappointed that it takes 2 months to wait for an exam date... So many things were delayed on my side and we have no choice now but to wait and wait. How long did it take for the exam results to come in for you? And did it take long for the mvv to be approved? Wishing you best of luck on your Dutch lessons! PS: Thanks for the tips! Will check out that link shortly.
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