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Found 2 results

  1. Would you like to learn German? Grammar explanations and practice tests at A1-A2-B1-B2 level - Exam German Start German A1-A2-B1-B2 exams are offered at our Haus on a regular basis. These internationally recognized exams Zertifikat Deutsch is the right exam for students who already have a good basic knowledge of German. Deutsch B1 will test your good basic knowledge of German. ● Get it on Google Play ● ➤ The application contains a huge number of questions in German grammar and vocabulary that are selected randomly to improve your German. ➤ This app will be constantly updated with new contents, and tests which help you continually refreshing your knowledge. ➤ Grammar Quiz for Beginners app is an app for German amateur learners. ➤ Each question has an answer right after you selected your best solution. Score will be calculated in real-time. ● Test your grammatical knowledge with the Test! ● This test contains grammar and vocabulary questions and your test result. ● This app allows users to practice by level A1-A2-B1-B2 and includes exercises. Download now German Grammar Test Apps from Google Play: ► Grammatik Übungen A1 Prüfung ►Grammatik Übungen A2 Prüfung ► Grammatik Übungen B1 Prüfung ►Grammatik Übungen B2 Prüfung Enjoy your learning
  2. Hi guys, just two weeks ago I had to take the Basis Examen Inburgering. I haven't gotten the results yet, but I am confident I passed ''Leesvaardigheid A1'' and ''KNS'', but not so sure about ''Spreekvaardigheid A1''. It was such a long day for me, I couldn't sleep the previous night and I was in a different city I didn't even know (I had never been there and that place is so damn huge! I was scared actually!). They delayed the exam a little too much, they had already told me it'd be 30 minutes later, but it ended up being a whole hour. I was very upset about the fact that they used words that weren't in the course sold by the Dutch government to those wanting to take this exam, the ''Naar Nederland'' course. Not at all. I was lucky I came across this site: https://basisexameninburgering.nl/lessen There I learnt a lot new words (still learning actually). I thought it was so shady of them. I actually plan to write to DUO to let them know what I think, but I will wait until I get my exam results If you plan to take this exam... get ready to find and hear words that weren't even in the course. You must learn as many words as possible so they don't shock you with strange words you don't even know. Try to learn the basics, like for example the names of foods, fruits, vegetables, clothes, body parts, places vocab, music, professions, weather, etc. Also be aware that during the Spreekvaardigheid you might be asked about topics that were never covered in the book, so be wary of that. And yes, check out the practice exam at the official Naar Nederland site, if you are lucky you will get the same questions (valid only for Spreekvaardigheid) during the real exam, but it's really about look, because they have at least 6 different combos for each exam. The guy picks them randomly, some harder than others. Anybody here has taken this test? What did you think of it? Did you pass it the first time or had to take it a second time? Please share your experiences, I am looking forward to hearing them!
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