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  1. Laula, I also like to learn languages with the help of lyrics. I came across the application musixmatch. You can listen to your songs and at the same time, the text(lyrics) are floating over your display. It's a great way to learn. Besides that, you can put a second language. That way you can learn languages even better (I use an android phone). Have fun in your language journey! Daniel
  2. I started with my own podcast in which I speak in my target language English. That gave me kind of an extra boost!
  3. Hi folks! I started my own podcast in my target language English in order to become more fluent. It's not that easy as I'm still intermediate / upper-intermediate. But I could learn very much in the last 7 weeks. In my opinion such a project is perfect to boost your langauge skills (and other skills) to the next level! Here is the site with the podcast Feed address: My fluent podcast I also started with my website my fluent podcast But the website is very basic as I am not that into website creating. It's not that simple. Maybe you are also a very motivated language
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