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  1. Hi Pavel, I'm Jonas from Switzerland. I would be happy to help you! Let me know if you're interested. Love
  2. Hello Natw I leave you a personal message.
  3. I would recommend you to find a text with an audio and do the following steps: 1.) Translate the text (word by word) and write the translation under every word you don't understand "at first sight". 2.) Listen to the text while you're reading the original text and as you arrive to the words you don't understood, switch down to the translation (you've made) and read the words you don't now already in your NL. Do this several times, as long as you're familiar with the new words. 3.) Now you should be able to listen to the audio (without reading) and understand all the words. 4.) This is the point where the "time saver" comes in: Now store your language stuff away and continue listening to the audio. Set the volume of your computer/mobile phone to a very low level so that you just can hear all the words. Now you can do other things (like cooking, cleaning your flat, hiking etc.) and you can train yourself not to concentrate at all on your audio (it's possible, I made it too) what will allow you to do more "advanced" tasks while listening (studying, reading, homework, writing). The good thing about this method is, that you don't have to practice but instead you delegate the practicing to your brain (this is what happens when listening unconsciously to your text). You will sometimes "detect" a word or two and then return to your task you're concentrating on - this is normal ... Me myself I learned a lot with this "time saving method" (called the "method of Birkenbihl", by the way) and I'm now even learning complex latin texts with this method - it works like magic... Greetings, Jonas
  4. Hey SarahW I could be your language buddy Hoping to hear from you soon!
  5. Still looking for a language buddy? Here I am! I'd love to teach you Spanish Greetings, Jonas
  6. Hey Ryn Still searching for someone? I could be the person for your needs (NL: German). I'd love to help you with German! Greetings, Jonas
  7. Hey owlforce I'm a native speaker in German and would enjoy to help you with German. I love funny, non-traditional methods of teaching languages - that could be something for you and your relation with German Greetings, Jonas
  8. I would like to be your partner! Let me know I'm a native in German and Swiss German. Greetings!
  9. Hey cheneilantonyhale I'm a German native speaker and I'm searching for someone helping me to keep my English active. I also speak Spanish and French and can teach you in German. So let me know if you're interested
  10. Hi! I'm a German native speaker, willing to help you. I don't know any Swedish word but it has always been my dream to learn Swedish!
  11. Hi mnmxud I'm not a native in Spanish but I speak the language very fluently. Let me know if you're interested in my help.
  12. Hi Samuel_Gax I'm a German native speaker and I know French too. Let me know if you're interested in my help.
  13. Hi Sufi I'm not a native in French or Spanish but I speak both languages fluently (especially Spanish). Let me know if you're interested in my help.
  14. Hola Rebecca Sí, me gustaría hablar en español contigo. No soy un nativo pero he vivido por harto tiempo en Chile y estoy seguro que puedo ayudarte. También aprovecharía de mejorar mi inglés, por supuesto ¡Escríbeme un mensaje y ahí conversamos! Saludos, Jonas
  15. Hallo ArielPlaysBanjo Gerne helfe ich dir, Deutsch zu lernen. Gerne lerne ich auch Englisch von dir! Schreib mir doch einmal eine private Nachricht. Danke!
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