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  1. Hi all! When it comes to learning a new language I wouldn't take into account the ease or simplicity of it at all, I would only consider two aspects: Passion Usefulness On the one hand, I chose learning French for the first reason mostly, because I'm really passionate about French, but the use I make of it is not that big. On the other hand, I chose learning English because of its usefulness, because of the reasons you all know. Learning a language should be based on the combination of these two aspects in my opinion : https://blog.lingolistic.com/best-way-to-learn-french
  2. I think it may be hard to tell because, when does anyone get bilingual or multilingual? There is no way to prove it and you can never stop learning so, in my opinion, somebody can only grow up being multilingual or monolingual, but if you learn a new language afterwards (even though you're extremely good at it) you cannot be called a multilingual. That's is my opinion . I've been learning French for 10 years so far and I don't call myself a bilingual or whatsoever... Btw, if you're interested in learning French, have a look at what I just found!: https://blog.lingolistic.com/best-way-to-learn-
  3. Hi there! I'm native in Spanish and have been learning French for the last 10 years and I think what it really makes the difference in order to become fluent is to immerse yourself in the target language culture. Before, my French level was just average, but as soon as I started studying in France and learning about their culture, films, books and lifestyle I did find that my level was radically boosted in only a few months. Plus, there is no need to live in a French-speaking country, there are many other methods to become fluent in one language, have a look! : https://blog.lingolistic.co
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