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  1. Hey there! You should read absolutely everything written by Jorge Luis Borges. He is such an amazing talent and his poems and short stories have moved me deeply on many occasions... Please give him a shot. You can also check out another Argentine writer, Julio Cortázar. His short stories are crazy!
  2. Right now I can't stop listening to Alex Cuba's song, Sarah. It's so good and catchy. Really a wonderful, happy tune. It's too darn catchy!
  3. Hi everyone! I can currently speak 3 languages fluently and a little bit of a fourth one as well. English, Spanish, German and Japanese! I really want to find a fun, challenging language to learn and round out my collection! Any recommendations? I've been thinking French or Italian..
  4. Hey! Ich habe Musik auf Deutsch jetzt so lang nicht mehr gehört.. Aber es ist wirklich toll! Ich liebe Rammstein und viele verschiedene Berliner Rap Bands. Sie sind wirklich Klasse. Rap auf Deutsch ist krass! Viele Gruesse!
  5. Hola! Aprender español es muy fácil (es mi lengua materna, pero igual). La mejor manera que te recomiendo, que es lo que yo hice para aprender inglés y alemán, es hacerte aigos online, "pen-pals" y simplemente conversar en el idioma! Si querés, podés mandarme un mensaje privado y me encantaría hablar español con vos. Saludos!
  6. Hola! Yo viví en Japón unos años y aprendí ahí un poco de Japonés. Ahora que volví a mi país natal no quiero perder eso que aprendí allí.. Así que estoy buscando formas de mantener mi Japonés online!
  7. Hola sleeperguy! I'm a native spanish speaker, also fluent in English. No, I don't think Spanish is difficult at all! You can learn to speak some basic sentences in just a few week for sure. It gets a bit more complicated later on with verb tenses and such, but it's not too hard. Give it a shot! If you have any specific questions, ask me please. Also, it's quite different from English.
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