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  1. here we go, haré, aré, arre
  2. Well, Catsup is actually an alternative way to say Ketchup, there is nothing special on it I guess, that is my opinionthough.
  3. Well, I am definitely agree with this idea, there should be a general discussions section indeed, SUPPORTED!
  4. Holy jeez, it would be one of the weridest things ever, it should not be that different but people might have a lot of different accents and that could be going to make it way more interesting, that is such a crazy idea though.
  5. Well, I do not think so, I really hate rap in spanish, it sounds kinda agressive for me even when rap in english is still agressive, it is way different than rap in spanish, the voices, lyrics and beats are way different.
  6. Well, until now, every single book I've read has been in my native language, however the translation of some words and phrases are not even close to what they really mean, that is kinda odd but wh ocares, I still enjoy the books
  7. Hey there! We're happy to receive new people in the forums, hopefully you learn a lot here with us, enjoy your stay and BIENVENIDO!
  8. When it comes to learning a language, asian ones are somehow last on my list, no offense but it seems to bee too hard for me, I do not really think about myself getting into it, however nice topic you made there, thanks for sharing.
  9. Well, querida is more like when you call somebody your beloved, mostly girls, for example "Querida! tiempo sin verte", that might be an example, mistress is not the real meaning of the word though.
  10. I swear that I have seen that kind of people before and it is funny because they can say the same word a thousand times without even noticing, apparently that is how the human brain works, we can not do anything about it
  11. ook like a nice idea, I will send you some feedabck if I ever see it necessary when I get back home, keep up the hard work! Good job.
  12. Hey there! we're glad to have more people who are interested on learning new languages, unfortunately I could not help you with those but if you ever wanna learn Spanish I am right here! WELCOME!
  13. You missed some other words, here you got some other words you might like. Felicidad = Happiness Hermosura = Loveliness Epifania = Epiphany
  14. In fact, those are the words that we're more interested on learning when we first start learning a new language, we also pronounce them properly without any vocalization mistake, it is agood step when you're basically trying to learn a new language, it somehow gets you way more into learning it, at least that is what I think.
  15. That is what I exactly mean, I definitely thin kthat it is all about how interested you are on learning the language, you can also plractice everywhere atany time of the day, or at least that is what I do.
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