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  1. here we go, haré, aré, arre
  2. Well, Catsup is actually an alternative way to say Ketchup, there is nothing special on it I guess, that is my opinionthough.
  3. Well, I am definitely agree with this idea, there should be a general discussions section indeed, SUPPORTED!
  4. Holy jeez, it would be one of the weridest things ever, it should not be that different but people might have a lot of different accents and that could be going to make it way more interesting, that is such a crazy idea though.
  5. Well, I do not think so, I really hate rap in spanish, it sounds kinda agressive for me even when rap in english is still agressive, it is way different than rap in spanish, the voices, lyrics and beats are way different.
  6. Well, until now, every single book I've read has been in my native language, however the translation of some words and phrases are not even close to what they really mean, that is kinda odd but wh ocares, I still enjoy the books
  7. Hey there! We're happy to receive new people in the forums, hopefully you learn a lot here with us, enjoy your stay and BIENVENIDO!
  8. When it comes to learning a language, asian ones are somehow last on my list, no offense but it seems to bee too hard for me, I do not really think about myself getting into it, however nice topic you made there, thanks for sharing.
  9. Well, querida is more like when you call somebody your beloved, mostly girls, for example "Querida! tiempo sin verte", that might be an example, mistress is not the real meaning of the word though.
  10. I swear that I have seen that kind of people before and it is funny because they can say the same word a thousand times without even noticing, apparently that is how the human brain works, we can not do anything about it
  11. ook like a nice idea, I will send you some feedabck if I ever see it necessary when I get back home, keep up the hard work! Good job.
  12. Hey there! we're glad to have more people who are interested on learning new languages, unfortunately I could not help you with those but if you ever wanna learn Spanish I am right here! WELCOME!
  13. You missed some other words, here you got some other words you might like. Felicidad = Happiness Hermosura = Loveliness Epifania = Epiphany
  14. In fact, those are the words that we're more interested on learning when we first start learning a new language, we also pronounce them properly without any vocalization mistake, it is agood step when you're basically trying to learn a new language, it somehow gets you way more into learning it, at least that is what I think.
  15. That is what I exactly mean, I definitely thin kthat it is all about how interested you are on learning the language, you can also plractice everywhere atany time of the day, or at least that is what I do.
  16. I will not say that I am a native English speaker but I've spoken to a lot of american people and they say that I really sound like a native American, however I am trying todevelop and enhance my pronuntiation way more so I can finally sound like a native American speaker.
  17. Well if you ever try to read a book in a foreign language I personally think that you should get some previous knowledge about the language, some vocabulary and stuff in order to somehow udnerstand whatever the book says without being like WTF? while reading it, it is also a good way to learn new words and all that kind of stuff.
  18. El titulo lo dice todo, a veces le pregunt oa las personas que los llevó o que los lleva a aprender algun nuevo idioma, es algo que se debe pensar un poco para responderlo asi que cuales fueron sus razones o cuales son sus objetivos?
  19. I actually tried the second site and it was pretty awesome, I did not even get to achieve 30 percent of the words that appeared on the test, seems like I will have to go get a dictionary and start looking for new words.
  20. I personally think that yes, it does affect your linguistic ability also affects many other things when it comes to knowledge gain, however people should try to chill out and get relaxed at the moment of learning something or assisting to any class to let the information flow properly.
  21. Personalmente me gustaria compartir que una de mis series de television favorita es Hawaii - 5 0, no es transmitida en español por netflix pero en television existen diversos canales que si la transmiten doblada al español, yo personalmente prefiero verlas en ingles debido a que así puedo de alguna forma practicar mi vocabulario y mi listening, en fin mis habilidades en general.
  22. Holy crap, I am from the same country and also the same state you're from, it is such a surprise to see a girl from my town in here!! hit me up if you would like to talk later, welcome to the forums and have a lot of fun learning new stuff! enjoy your stay! Cuando puedas me escribes!
  23. I personally think that google translator only works if you're looking to translate a word or also a short phrase, it does not really work for sentences or complete texts, it really suckswhen it comes to grammar application, I do not really recommend it for new learners whatsoever.
  24. Well, I personally think that if you ever plan to leave your current country an go to any of those countries you named before you shoulddefinitely go for the one that you will be speaking in that country, for example, if I were you I would go for Chinese straight ahead because I would like to find a good job in that country and I will have to learn their language to make it easier for me once I get there, that is my opinion though.
  25. Well, I personally think that the person who is teaching you should try to keep the teacher - student's relationship and the respect has to be a must, I really think that it is the most important fact of any relationship and the one who called you 'stupid' did really wrong, yo ushould actually let that people know what you personally think about it and ask him not to do it again, that is my opinion though.
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