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  1. The translation mistakes bother me more in certain applications, such as in books like stories or poems. Such mistakes can throw a storyline off, using the wrong translation for clichés & quotes. My other, even bigger peeve, are the incomprehensible instructions or directions for a product or service maunal purchased. Many electronics sold in the USA are now manufactured everywhere but the USA. Like in Blaveloper's case, the instructions are comical are in some cases in no way helpful. I purchased a rear view camera for a vehicle recently. One side of a sheet of paper covered 4 entire installations, which by the way, did not mention my model at all. Here's a few of their installation directions: 1. Dedicated camera installation do not install the map on drilling screws. ??? 2. Power cord to connect the camera lights down power lines, red is black negative voltage 12v. ??? In my opinion, manufacturers no longer care about satisfying the customer or making the customer happy, especially once money is exchanged. To me it's apparent that bad reviews or complaints do not make an impact either. The manufacturers merely change the brand names, & most consumers are unaware. I apologize for my lengthy post. Rant over. Lol
  2. For those who can't see the link, the sign (I think) reads: Zuem Schlembe
  3. I had this sign on my house covered by another sign. I tried doing Google searches & translation pages, but no one seems to be able to help me. To me, it looks German or an off dialect incorporating German... but IDK. Here's the image link, I couldn't upload it directly: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_fymXvk5zciRmwwckxMbUFuVWs/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks for looking. Also, thanks in advance for any assistance.
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