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  1. One of the things I remember distinctly from learning French in high school was my teacher talking about English grammar. A lot of people don't realize how important knowing grammar in your own language is to actually learning a new one. If you don't understand parts of speech, it's nearly impossible to get your head around them in another language, even if they are not formulated the same way in English. Thankfully, I have always found English grammar fun and interesting, so that part of learning a foreign language was not so difficult for me. But for others, this can be quite a tricky t
  2. When I was in high school, of course, I had a teacher when learning French. I really think that I could not have learned what I did at that age without a teacher. But since I did not study in college, I am now kind of left to my own devices. I actually feel that taking more courses or having a private tutor could really benefit me, but I am not sure that I can justify the cost. What would be ideal, really, would be for me to find some people who are fluent that could help me out in exchange for some other services, or just because they were my friends and wanted to be nice. But I am not s
  3. Meghan, I studied French in high school too. I enjoyed it and really paid attention, but I did not study it in college, so I too have lost a lot since then. I am now trying to brush up and improve. I would really like to become fluent eventually, but my next goal is to learn enough to feel that I could confidently get around Paris and really immerse myself in the culture. I feel that that would also help me to become fluent. My hope is that after I have studied some more here, I will have saved up enough money to go and live in Paris for a month or two.
  4. Hi Meghan, I'm 23 too. Welcome to the forum. You are ambitious with wanting to learn Korean and Japanese! I hope that you find it a good place to learn and socialize with others who are into language. I am finding it a fun place to hang out.
  5. Hi Brandy, welcome to the forum! Learning two languages at once does sound like a challenge. However, I see that you are already fluent in English and Filipino is your native tongue, so clearly you have the talent for languages. It's a little quiet here so far, but I have already found a lot of useful information. I hope you do too an that you enjoy your time here.
  6. Does anyone know of any free French grammar apps? I'm particularly after something that would help me with verb tenses. The subjunctive is my downfall at times. However, I would be interested in any free good ones. Also, do you think in general free apps are up to par? Or should I just invest in one that is paid and know it is better quality? :/ * Unsure*
  7. I would consider it. But I would consider it very carefully. I saw a relationship like this in an episode of Call The Midwife. I can't even remember what the other language was, besides English, but the couple had been married for decades, and still did not speak each others language. This is a bit of a dramatic version of what you are asking, but it worked for them, and you believed it was possible when you watched the episode. They had a lot of children, and the children spoke a little of each and would interpret or assist where their non-verbal communication was not clear. However
  8. I had a similar experience to you, @KimmyMarkks in that I lived in England for a few years. I was there to study, but not to study a foreign language. They also, naturally, speak English there! However, as with the language of Australia, their English is oftentimes very different to American English. I certainly got a mental workout learning slang, colloquial terms, etc. It was a really fun experience, although also somewhat stressful at times due to culture shock and isolation from family and friends. I dream of living in Paris for a year or two. That would be wonderful! I feel that I wo
  9. Salut, je m'apelle Ginger! Je suis de les Etats Unis et j'ai 23 ans. Comment ca va? Je voudrais rencontrer les gens qui parlent francais.
  10. So, did you not study it formally at all? Are you self-taught in French?
  11. Something that has helped me in the past with both languages and other skills is to set myself manageable tasks. I would give myself a bite-sized chunk per day if that was all that I could handle, but at least I knew I would accomplish one small thing. For instance, if you are having a stressful day with work, or the kids need a lot of help with homework, or whatever else may be causing you to lack motivation or interest in your language studies, try one of these bite-sized chunks per day: 1. Look up one new word in the dictionary and learn it. You could even flip the dic
  12. I actually posted about this in the French section because I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some. My best friend and I used to get TinTin books out of the library that were in French. Our rudimentary knowledge was barely enough to comprehend half of what was going on, but we would dig out our dictionaries and look up new words. It was a fantastic way to learn! i actually hadn't thought to look at the library where I live now, so thank you for reminding me. I'm not sure they would though. We were closer to Canada where I grew up, so I think that was why there were some Fre
  13. I think that some lesser-used languages will be dying off. It is natural, and has happened even centuries back before we had technology. The more people who are wanting to be 'connected' to the rest of the world and moving into city centers (or in this age, going online to communicate and do business), the more they will want to learn the main languages that are spoken by most. However, that doesn't mean that these languages will be lost forever. In the same sense that Latin is really not spoken anymore, it is still a known language, and is in fact, still taught. For any language that has a wr
  14. Fun question! 1. English (native) 2. French (next language I know the most of) 3. Russian (I guess, only because I know a few words and phrases--had intended to learn it at one point and did not) 4. Spanish (I don't know any, except a few words, but I feel like it would probably be very useful!) 5. Irish Gaelic (Because why not?! But also because I really had my heart set on this in high school, but naturally it wasn't an option. LOL)
  15. I am the same as you, Rooks57. I am always better at reading and writing a foreign language than speaking it or understanding others. However, I decided that this was probably because the same is true of English for me. I'm a much quieter person than many, so I spend more time reading and writing than I do talking! Although, I do listen a lot, so I'm not sure why I find listening comprehension so hard.
  16. A friend of mine was once lucky enough to come across two vintage Agatha Christie novels in French and she snapped them up. She gave one to me and one to my sister, as both of us were learning French. I do believe that I read all of mine, though I found it hard going. It helped that I am hyper Agatha Christie Fan and had already read that one in English, though many years previous. I highly recommend it. It's fun to notice the differences, and you will definitely learn some new words!
  17. Are there not many French speakers/learners on here? I am sad and lonely over in the French corner. it is almost enough to make me want to poke around in the other forums and learn Japanese just to not be lonely. Ha ha. Well, if you are learning French, or you're a native speaker, I encourage you to post in there because we can have a lot of fun. I am really hoping to make some new friends and learn!
  18. One of my favorite ways to learn in the past was by looking at children's storybooks and picture books. If you think about it, this is part of how we learned to speak English as children, so it makes sense to work this way with a foreign language too. I loved it that my library had TinTin books in French! I would love to find some French copies of more children's books I had as a kid, such as Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears, etc. Anyone have ideas on where I might be able to acquire some?
  19. Maybe I was the exception to the rule, but I really enjoyed learning French in school. Maybe I was never that great at it, but my friends and I had fun making up silly sentences with the vocabulary words we were given. The first sentence I ever remember making up completely in French was, "He threw the monkey out the window." LOL As you can see, some immaturity was at play with my interest in the language, but it was still very good for me to play around with words and make up my own thoughts. Even though I did enjoy it and pay attention for the most part, I still wish that I had put even
  20. Well, I'm not fluent, but my answer would be : you'll know. Ha ha ! The reason I say this, though, is that that's how I have felt about a lot of new skills I've learned. It took me years, but I know now that I'm an expert at crochet. I can even design my own patterns. But once, I could barely make a chain without it being sloppy and uneven. When you become really good at something, usually you are proud to show off your skills, and generally other people notice too and compliment you on your abilities.
  21. I think that this works better when you are with native speakers in person, rather than with videos. At least, for me personally, it does. I take more interest in a conversation happening near me than a video, which I am already somewhat distanced from. When learning in a classroom, sometimes we had to listen to tapes, and I found that I was actually getting frustrated at not being able to see these people, or ask them what they meant. At least with real people, face to face, you can ask for clarification. Still, videos are probably better in some ways than reading. I would probably benef
  22. I don't really have anyone I can converse with in French right now. I would ideally like to find someone semi-local so that we could meet up and have conversations. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to try and find someone?
  23. I have heard the same things. My French teacher, who also spoke German, told us about the time he first dreamed in German. He said that was when he realized he was really getting a grasp on it. I have never dreamed in French, but hopefully one day I will get to that stage where I am good enough that that happens!
  24. Have any of you been to France? I have not yet, but hope to in my near future! The thought of being able to converse with real French people excites me. I have never had that opportunity, though I have been able to converse a little in French with someone from Canada before. I am learning, and brushing up on, Parisian French, though, not Canadian French, and there are a lot of difference!
  25. Did you study French in high school or college? I did study in high school. But then in college I kind of veered of fin another direction and didn't take a language. I regret that now because I could have taken advantage of so many classes where I went to college. Now it's a little bit like starting over in some ways. I do remember a lot, but not as much as I'd hoped!
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