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  1. Here's a list of 2016 Best Apps for Learning Japanese. Anything missing?
  2. Wanikani is pretty good! But there are other apps that are similar, like Genki Kanji app and Kanji Alive (free). Read the review here.
  3. Asian Language School will be launching Mandarin and Japanese online group training this October. Read here for the Press Release. To sign up for the course, click here for Chinese Lessons or here for Japanese Lessons. Timetable: U.S. Tuesdays 7pm EDT Australia Thursdays 7pm AEST
  4. To do or not to do, here's the answer https://www.asianlanguageschool.com/make-use-japanese-songs-learn-japanese/
  5. Using songs to learn Japanese https://www.asianlanguageschool.com/make-use-japanese-songs-learn-japanese/
  6. What's the best way to learn Chinese by watching Chinese movies? https://www.asianlanguageschool.com/learn-chinese-watching-chinese-movies/
  7. Hi glreese, Check out this link https://www.asianlanguageschool.com/8-best-apps-chinese-language-courses-2016/
  8. A guide to best apps for learning Chinese in 2016. https://www.asianlanguageschool.com/8-best-apps-chinese-language-courses-2016/ What other good apps do you think should be included?
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