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  1. Oh this concept is pretty cool, since you get to talk to foreigners to learn a language better, and it's also free o.o. I didn't even know something like this existed but it could be a lot of help for someone that's teaching themselves a language for a few months now. Nothing beats an experience in the native country, but this is the second best thing :P.
  2. Oh wow that's great, I'll check it out later since I'm actually watching a show right now xD. Best of luck with the apps though :).
  3. Wow your app looks great, I love the material style design so much :O. Also good job for developing an app, that's a very useful skill you could use in the future. It also looks like it's pretty simple, just to test your proficiency in the language and it could become a lot more than that. I hope you add more languages because I would love it for Japanese :3.
  4. I think you can't learn to be fluent in a language with just the app, since it wouldn't correct you when you say something wrong for example, and it probably wouldn't teach you all the grammar rules. Imo, I think it's good most of the time, but then sometimes you need to practice with someone who's a native speaker of the language so they can guide you, and hey, they might even tell you if you're saying something wrong, which is nice :D.
  5. I actually am in HS right now and no, I don't really take it seriously. I don't really take any class seriously, I just pay attention enough so that I don't go lower than a B grade lol. Maybe if I was actually interested in learning the language, then yea I would pay attention since it's a class you would otherwise have to pay for, and it's something you want.
  6. I haven't really done studying with language apps except for Duolingo and that was like for 2 sessions, but I would definitely like it better if a native taught me how to speak it and how to talk to a person using the language. They know if you mess up something and then they would tell you to correct it, and it would stay in your mind better. It will cost you a lot more than an app because I think all the apps are free, but you're getting a lot more knowledge of the language that way. Also another great way to learn it and to pick it up is to go to the country where it's used the most often, since you're going to be forced to use it there and the learning experience would be so much better than studying it normally.
  7. Never thought Google Translate would be listed as an app lol. I mean it helps you translate it from your language to the language you want, but it's not always 100% accurate and I'm not sure how you would learn from that. Eh, well maybe someone knows :P.
  8. Thanks for the advice :D. I think everyone knows about Duolingo by now since it's very popular on the play store and on the app store too I bet. I haven't tried it in a long time but I bet its improved so much by now. I heard it's better on the PC so I might check it out later.
  9. I've only used Duolingo on a phone a couple times and I thought it was pretty good, but I never picked it up again, but if you're saying that on PC it's better, maybe I'll go check it out again. It would definitely help me for school and so maybe I could get a better score on my spanish final :).
  10. Hello welcome to the forums! I'm new here too but I'm going to try and get accustomed to everything and I'm also gonna see what language learning resources they have here :D.
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