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  1. I'm not sure if British English is different from American when it comes to these terms, but I can speak for American English. Advise is a verb; it is something you can do. Like "I advise you to check the weather". Advice is a noun. Like "I can give you advice on the weather". Price and Prize are both nouns, but they have two completely different meaning and are not related. Price is a word to describe how much something is. "The price of that drink is $1.08". Prize is an award or reward. "Your prize for winning the race is a trophy".
  2. I went to Barcelona for vacation and I wish I had known Catalan. It would have been so useful. I went with my best friend who was born in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish, and she was just as lost as I was. It would be great to learn the language for the place you are wanting to go, but it is not necessary. Learn the language that you want to learn, and that you would get the most use out of.
  3. I believe this is the best way, personally. It takes practice using both tenses. It's a good idea to grab a partner who knows their tenses and just practice using them. It's basically memorization.
  4. I'm a big fan of hers. I ordered Love and Misadventure after reading a bit of her work. I hope to get Lullabies at some point too. I agree that it would be a good choice for a person learning English for an easy read.
  5. I was required to take three years of language in high school, and I tried my best to take it seriously. I chose Spanish, and I have forgotten most of what I learned back then. I wish I had taken it more seriously. Now that I am working and traveling, I am trying to learn the language and it would be so much easier if I wasn't practically starting over.
  6. I am also working to master Spanish. I have only had three years in the language though, so I am very much a beginner too. I feel like it will take a lifetime to pass the beginner stage. Hopefully this forum will help us all with learning the language!
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