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  1. I think everyone yearns for immediate fluency, but aiming to be able to comfortably converse in a native setting is a far more obtainable goal in a short amount of time. Even if your conversational skills are still a bit rusty, I'm sure most locals will appreciate your effort, anyway. Good luck, and have fun in Paris! I'd love to travel there one day myself, so I truly hope it's an enjoyable experience for you.
  2. I think it's really interesting that many of the responses to this thread include agreement that the culture the language is primarily attached to plays a huge role in the motivation to learn that language. It's something that I think is probably one of the main reasons behind many individuals choosing to learn less common languages (example: any Romance language.) Personally, the reason I've chosen to learn Korean and Japanese despite a vast majority claiming the languages are 'too hard' to learn for native English speakers is exactly that: I fell in love with the culture of South Korean and
  3. Hello, there; thanks for the kind welcome! I see that you're currently studying French? I took four years of French in high school, but I've forgotten over half of what I've learned, by now. I've always meant to brush up on my skills, but that motivation was swept under the rug when my current interests took hold, aha. Do you have any end goals for your language learning?
  4. Hello, everyone! My name is Meghan. I'm a 23-year-old from Pennsylvania (U.S.) Language learning is something that I'm...passively (?) passionate about; that is to say, I've always liked the idea of learning, and I've made many attempts in the past, but I always wind up losing motivation. It's a little difficult to find resources in this area, which isn't very culturally diverse, and I currently don't have the necessary funds to spend them all on expensive learning equipment. However! That doesn't mean I've given up entirely, as I've managed to save up enough for actual Genki textbooks fo
  5. The interface on this forum is very clean and appealing. I already like it here

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