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  1. It is always important to determine WHY you are learning another language. If the WHY is strong enough then it will most definitely carry you through your journey to learn another language. It is also very important to be consistent and make sure you are implementing the right techniques. The best technique is to try and speak with a person who fluently speaks the language ever so often. This way you are exposed to recognizing the language and you get practice pronouncing words.
  2. I believe it's because it has mostly to do with visuals. When speaking, there is the listening and pronunciation that is at play. Recognizing what the other person is saying can get hard to get used to.
  3. I haven't learned any French but I am tempted to when I listen to Stromae. One of his popular hits Papouti, really sat well with me. In no time I was singing along in French without knowing much of what he was saying. Then I looked up the lyrics and matched the words which got me to understand the context. Ever since then I have enjoyed listening to his music and learn along the way. This has definitely got me to enjoy other languages in song. It's definitely worth it and I learn it faster than other methods.
  4. I most definitely took it seriously. I enjoyed it a lot even with having teachers that were good and bad. There was only one reason for why I did not remember it. This is due to them not implementing the conversing techniques. I could read and write it well. However, it was an issue for me to recognize when others spoke it and then think of what to say and say it back.
  5. I totally agree! I have been using Duolingo for a while now and I know what basic words mean and how to write them. However, there is much difficulty when it comes to holding up a good conversation with someone speaking the language I am trying to learn. It is hard to hear and recognize what they are saying no matter how basic it is even if I know those basic terms. I feel that there is no substitution for the traditional language learning techniques which involves being able to recognize words quickly and speak it back quickly.
  6. I used it the same way you were thinking about which is main learning on the computer/laptop and revising on the tablet/cell phone. Using both together really helps solidify what is learned and aids in additional practice. I do believe the computer/laptop is the way to go for the same reason you noticed which was more options! I definitely love the program as it has really helped me get my foot in the door regarding learning another language. I love how easy the interface is to use. I really think it a great free tool. I only wish it had some sort of a replying function just to see if I am pronouncing words correctly. Listening and writing can only take you so far. Being able to speak it as well ties it all together completely.
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