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  1. In terms of accent, I think for some languages it is easier to imitate and for some it is harder. IMO, I think tonal languages are especially difficult to imitate as if you were to come into learning a tonal language without any background in it, it is very difficult to imitate the tonal accent that the natives have.
  2. As many have mentioned before, in order to really maintain your language level you would have to consistently be exposed to it. At the moment I'm always seeking out newspaper articles or stories to read so that I can keep my vocabulary up. I also listen to podcasts and songs in order to keep my brain subconsciously aware of the language so that it doesn't forget about it. Hope this helps!
  3. Hola! สวัสดีครับ! I am a brand new member on this site and I'm currently learning Spanish and Thai because I simply enjoy learning languages! I've been learning Thai in University for awhile so if there's any questions I can try to help out! Also, I am fluent in Mandarin and English so if anyone needs some help there I can offer my help as well. Cheers and have fun in your language learning journey!
  4. From my personal experience in learning Thai, I found that google translate is best used for languages that are more "westernised" when it comes to large scale translation. Whenever I tried to translate full Thai sentences in google translate, the result is always disastrous. However, I did had quite some success using it to translate Spanish sentences. All in all, I think it would still be best to just use google translate as a back up translator and not depend on it completely.
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