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  1. I have been trying to learn spanish for the past year and I feel like Im learning until I watch or listen to Spanish radio/TV then I realize just how much I DONT know. To try and track my progress I take a spanish level A1 test every month to see if Im gaining any progress. Over the last 6months I have taken the test 6 times. Worse grade was 4/10 best grade 6/10 which was my latest test so I am improving even if its at a slow rate. I was just interested in how other judge their progress?
  2. Im on a 10 year plan to become fluent and reach a B2 level. Like most here I dont live in a spanish speaking country but I do expose myself the the spanish language daily. I have been studying 1 hr a day for about a year now and still cant pass the A1 spanish test I wont be discourage though
  3. Hey I am a Native English only speaker and am attempting to learn Spanish! So I failed Spanish 3x in high school before I gave up but 10 yrs later Im ready to give it another try. My goal is to get to a B2 level within 10yrs. I have been learning about 9 months now roughly 1 hr a day of study and from everything I have read I should at least be at A1 level by now which I am not! The programs I use now are Rosetta stone (gift) , Duolingo , memorise and hello talk. I plan to purchase Assimil when I finish Rosetta stone. I am and always have been a S-L-O-W learner so Im positive my progression will come much much slower than the average person but as long as I see some progress Ill be happy. Im currently testing a 6/10 on the free A1 spanish online test. I am on level3 of rosetta stone. I plan to retest myself every month and hope to make progress. My question is how often should I test myself to see if Im learning? Also does anyone else have any success stories about people over coming and learning a language that they thought would be impossible? It would be very inspirational to me thanks!
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