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  1. Figured I would say hi! Cool to see another person learning German. Hallo, freunde! I hope you enjoy your time here and good luck on your language journey! Happy early Thanksgiving, also! Bis bald, N
  2. Hallo, freunde! (Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's 'Hello, friends!' in German, my TL) I'm new here, so I know many may have been aware of this website. I thought I might post a link just in case any other newbie like me is looking for another nice, bilingual place where they can learn a thing or two! http://www.vistawide.com I highly recommend Vistawide. Very helpful! If this post is long overdue or unhelpful, please remove it, admins. And if you are here, hello! Hope I could be of help in our language journeys!
  3. Hello! I'm N. I am currently learning German. I am native to English. I don't know that much German just yet. I'm defined as "11% fluent" by the popular lingual app, Duolingo, but this language only seems to get harder! If any smart Germans would like to help me out, please E-Mail me! [email protected] I'm looking forward to meeting some cool Germans!
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