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Found 5 results

  1. 10.06.18 Science vs Art Hello and welcome to ConlangCut, the weekly service bringing all you conlangers great content on all aspects of the wonderful art... or is it a science? Well, that's what we'll be discussing in today's article of ConlangCut. Don't forget to share your opinion by commenting, I'd love to know what you think about the idea of a weekly article. Also, I've included a poll on this thread - Conlanging - Sciene or Art? Wait! Before you cast your vote, read the article, it may sway your decision. I've already informed you on today's topic: is conlanging an art or
  2. Dear Colleagues, We inform all of you that some articles have been published at REGISTER Journal, Language & Language Teaching Journals, a Journal of State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Salatiga, Indonesia, with Print ISSN: 1979-8903 and Online ISSN: 2503-040X . It is the International Journal that has been indexed by DOAJ, IPI/Portal Garuda, ISJD, Moraref, Google Scholar, One Search Indonesia, etc. Please visit the online version of REGISTER Journal via Google search engine by using keywords “REGISTER Journal IAIN Salatiga” or click this website link URL: http://jo
  3. We all know that language uses finite means to get infinite number of sentences. We can create sentences almost freely. Sometimes they don't make sense, true, but they still remain a possibility. However, language in general also has the property of recursion. By its definition "recursion" is the repetition of something. In language, things can be repeated almost infinitely. Take for example the following sentence: I am very tired. If I feel extremely tired, I might (instead of using the adverb phrase extremely) put another very in front of very tired as a premodification
  4. Words have meaning and function. According to their semantic function in the sentence, they also get a grammatical / syntactic function as well. There is one theory which bases everything on the verbs. The verb determines the complements and whether the sentence will have two objects, an object and a complement, just one object or nothing. The verb also carries certain semantic properties, which not only determine the number of complements, but also their type, i.e. form (whether to have a noun phrase or something else). Take for example put. Verb put in English asks for a direct
  5. Hi everybody, I teach English in a high school. In our country, students start learning English from 2nd grade until graduation from university. Namely, my current students have been learning English for ten years. That means approximately 1260 hours of learning English. I think you can guess what I am going to say. Yes, they still have problems in a considerable number of subjects. To relate the post with the topic, I should say that one of their major and most frequent problems is to build a grammatical sentence. They have problems when we sometimes make slighest changes in sentences. They m
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