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  1. I am very interested in translating other cultures specific books especially their traditional legends or any kind of stories. Now, my aim in this, is a mutually beneficial one since everybody wants to introduce their culture to the whole world. I offer any person to find me an english version of one of their interesting traditional story so that I can translate it into my NL (turkish and kurdish). and what is more, can anybody tell us what is the copyright for such a translation? shall we contact to the writer of the book? or can any cultural ministry do so? for example let's say I am going t
  2. this app is available both in ios and android and it is free now with audio feature. while looking up a word with detailed definition you can see its wordnet. so you can check its hypernyms, hyponyms, synonyms, antonyms, holonyms, meronyms, related words, and some other wordnets which only linguist can differentiate actually:) another nice feature is that while reading the word's definition if you have any unknown word in the definition you can look it up just by clicking on it. you will go to a new page just as in looking up a new word. as extra features we can favour the words. and in the mo
  3. thanks for your answers. in our education curriculum, there is no such a subject but I feel that it is necessary for them to learn how to build a grammatical sentence. I do it as extra curriculum. so that is quite tiring. I hope that will be useful at the end. a few months later, I m goimng to check this with a short dtory writing or a NL-TL translation. until that time, I am open to new ideas. actually I am always so:)
  4. Hi everybody, I teach English in a high school. In our country, students start learning English from 2nd grade until graduation from university. Namely, my current students have been learning English for ten years. That means approximately 1260 hours of learning English. I think you can guess what I am going to say. Yes, they still have problems in a considerable number of subjects. To relate the post with the topic, I should say that one of their major and most frequent problems is to build a grammatical sentence. They have problems when we sometimes make slighest changes in sentences. They m
  5. Being marked as professional and feeling as professional are different issues. I think what is more important is to feel professional. If you feel satisfied with what you teach and what your students gain, you are on the right way, keep doing it. Image is important but reaching our aims is more important. The way you take to teach is your choice and be sure that it is the best way for you. So do it the way you feel is the right way. All of us do minor or even big mistakes, we do it even while teaching in our NL. That must not be an obstacle keeping us from doing what we feel as right.
  6. That is a good way to improve speaking/listening skills but I want to have a real life acitivity so that I can be ready for spontaneity. In Turkey we have a good education in terms of theoretical knowledge but unfortunately we lack in speaking and listening skills. We know that it is much more difficult to improve these skills without practising it. Moreover, we do not have much facility to practise. So I am seeking for alternative ways to do so. For example, I was called by one of online translation center about one of my translations. The question and answer were quite short but I kept askin
  7. I feel that I am good enough at writing, reading, grammar etc but I need to improve my speaking and listening skills. I want to have pal that have time for viber, skype or msn chatting. See you...
  8. Hello everybody, My name is Kendal. I am an English teacher in a high school. I aim to improve my teaching skills. I am a teacher already so I am supposed to be capable of teaching and actually I am so but I do believe that there is no boundary for learning, there is always something that we do not know but must know. Hi again. Hope to have a nice time here with other members.
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