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A Warning To Spanish-speakers Learning Italian


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This is a simple tip I want to give to people that, like me, are Spanish-spearkers studying the Italian language (though this is mostly a tip for starters): Italian grammar might sound like it's "wrong" at times because you're comparing it to Spanish. Similarly, certain words sound almost the same in both languages but at times have completely different meanings in both (keep an eye out for "false friends", people).

Just putting it out there, as I think it's something to keep in mind when starting to learn the language. I've seen people confused due to the similarity of both languages and I have been confused often myself for the same reasons.

Maybe this will help people keep an eye out for such things!

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It is very good advise that you have written here. It applies to any new language. As you know, even in Spanish, there are words that are written exactly the same and mean something completely different.

Do you have any good resources for videos or websites that can aid in learning Italian. That is one of the new languages I would like to learn and become fluent in?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Yeah it can get a little confusing, just remember that your not speaking Spanish but Italian and that it will sound different. I struggled with this at first because I was so sure that knowing Spanish will make learning Italian a walk in the park but the grammar in Italian can be tricky.

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Actually the thing that worried me the most when I was trying to learn Italian when I was younger were the dang false friends, I was worried about getting confused with all those words that sounded so similar to some words in Spanish. Same with french, some people say that learning two very similar languages is easy, but I'm not sure about that!  Specially if you consider false friends...

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