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  1. I started to learn English when I moved to the U.S. which was when I was 6. I picked up the language rather fast and soon I started using it more that Spanish, my native tongue. Now I much rather would have a conversation in English than in Spanish.
  2. For me it's listening. I was at the mall back a few months ago and this woman was running a little booth and I over heard her talking Italian so I spoke Italian to her thinking that my Italian was superb. I kid you not, I understood maybe 20% of the things she said. She was just talking so fast, she of course slowed down when I explained to her that I am only a student in the language and not a fluent speaker.
  3. I'm guilty for using even when I don't even chuckle. If something is even mildly amusing to me then I'll use LOL. I'll use other terms like LMAO or LMFAO if something is really funny.
  4. "Life is so ironic.... I takes sadness to comprehend snappishness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence." Great quote and would love to know who's it from.
  5. I just did my SAT in November. My score wasn't to bad either, I received a 1730. My suggestion would be to skip the questions you don't get and try to answer them if you have time at the end. Try not to feel rushed during the test and keep your mind focused. Also eat breakfast before and bring a snack and water during the test, you'll need it.
  6. I would love to learn chines in the future, it is the most used language in the world so I think it would be very useful to learn how to speak it. I also heard it is very difficult but hey, I'm always up for a challenge.
  7. Did anyone else that was learning English have a hard time distinguishing between homophones? I remember in the beginning of my elementary school days when I was on line for lunch and we could only get 1 dessert (not desert haha), so I told the lunch lady I wanted a cupcake and the kid behind me said "me too". I literally though he was asking for 2 cupcakes so I told the lunch lady if I could have 2 too.
  8. UP YOURS! I found myself saying that a lot through out my high school years even in class and only got a mean look from teachers because it really wasn't vulgar.
  9. I started in high school taking Italian classes as a mandatory foreign class. I was originally going to choose French but the French classes all got cancelled due to a lack of interest. I really enjoyed taking Italian and wasn't extremely difficult because I was already fluent in Spanish and that helped a lot. I'm sure that it will all come in handy when I visit Italy one day of meet myself a nice Italian speaking girl.
  10. Its exactly that, an expression. Literally it mean "goes good", va means go and bene means good. It is usually understood as a simple, casual "okay". Italians have some funny expressions like whenever they answer the phone they say "pronto" which literal translates to "soon", instead of "salve" or "buon giorno"which are common ways to say hello.
  11. Yeah it can get a little confusing, just remember that your not speaking Spanish but Italian and that it will sound different. I struggled with this at first because I was so sure that knowing Spanish will make learning Italian a walk in the park but the grammar in Italian can be tricky.
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