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Learning English Vocabulary with Reading Story


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Hello guys, Today I share methods for learning ENGLISH WORDS and improving your WRITING skills . Our first method is writing and reading a English stories but these stories should be easy and we can understand meaning of words.I share a example for that I made. In this example There are some words that are BLUE and you can UNDERSTAND words WHEN YOU READ stories.Also some pictures may help you.Actually, Everyone said that you should read English stories but writing is as important as reading

FOR EXAMPLE : I write a little stories about vocabulary that I don't know. That may be useful for you .Also can use that :


Second method is Reading/or writing Essaies. Studies generally write essay in collage and they take care of grammer because of that you can read essaies and articles. You can learn essay types. If you are a student, It is important.When you read them you can learn structure of essay. And a example for that

This is ESSAY MENU select a type of essay and start to learn:


EXTRA METHOD: IF you like debates. you can prepare or read them in text script like that


I hope methods can help to you.

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