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Lerning Spanish Online

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I'm taking a college Spanish class. I want to do the class in-person, unfortunately they are only offering the class online. Any experiences, is it going to be more difficult for my introduction to it with it all being online?

I understand this is how a lot of people learn another language...but this is for a class, and I'm taking other classes. So it's not like its at my own pace or I have all the time in the world to take however long I want to reach a certain point.


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Hey! Around two years ago, due to a strong earthquake in Mexico City, my school colapsed pretty badly and we were forced to finish the semester with online lessons.

What I can tell you about my struggles and experiences:

--> My teachers were still highly motivated to give good lessons. However, take into account that there are rare scenarios when this will not be the case, but in that way it is very similar to a normal class.

--> I struggled the most with my attention. Having to take a class from a computer and not face-to-face can be challenging because it is easy to just walk away, go into Facebook, or just fade off into random thoughts. My grades DID go down. But this was mostly due to seclusion from normal school day. If you struggle with attention, I would advise to address this issue so you don't fall of track.

--> As for the language learning part, I find no issues. The content is not harder to understand when lacking the in-person experience. 

--> Make serve of what you have. One advantage of taking the class from a computer is that you can easily google translations and have other tools. I think this does not hinder learning, all my teachers do encourage translating difficult terms when not understood. I also frequently use this forum: https://languagetools.io/forum  during my home study sessions. If you were unable to get feedback from teachers, there's a section were other people correct your texts and tell you whats wrong (many of them are natives including myself because I like helping people). There's also a section that lets you translate big chunks of text and save them for later. It's free so it's cool. 


Best luck with your classes! :)

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