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American English pronunciation video tutorials

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Firstly I want to say I'm not affiliated to this website in any way. I don't visit the website much, but I do follow the youtube channel and watch all the American English pronunciation tutorial videos regularly posted there.

I find the videos very useful to perfect my pronunciation so just thought I'd share and post the link here.

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Thank you so much Permidian!

I believe that many times we have problems finding an American native speaker that we can listen to learn the correct pronunciation, so this series of videos really come handy, since many times even knowing American speakers, time constraints don't allow you a live communication any time of the day, but videos are 24/7 and anyone can try at each one's pace :)

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Glad my post was useful to someone. Hopefully it will help you as much as it helped me with American English pronunciation. It's by far the best pronunciation tutorials I've ever found on American English.

Also here is the direct youtube channel with all the videos if anyone prefer that rather than watch them directly on the website : http://www.youtube.com/user/rachelsenglish 

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