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Passive sentence structure


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Hello everyone!

Today I would like to post Passive voice sentence structure for helping someone who is learning English.

1. Simple present

                S + V.s/es + O 

                O + am/is /are + V.ed/V3 + by + S   

          Example: Helen buys a new car

                    ==> A new car is bought by Helen.

2. Simple past

              S + Ved/V2 + O

              O + was/were + Ved/V3 + by + S

        Example : Helen wrote a novel

                    ==> A novel was written by Helen.

3. Future:

              S + will + V + O

              O + will be + V3/Ved + by + S

        Example: Helen will cook beef soup

              Beef soup will be cooked by Helen.

S: subject

V: verb

O: object

V2: got ( get) , gave ( give), sat ( sit)....

V3: Written (write), Given ( give), ...

Ved: loved, cooked, looked....



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