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Improve Your English Communication Skills in 2020

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Happy New Year’s greetings a few days early to you!

Have you made any 2020 New Year’s resolutions yet?  Consider resolving to improve your English communication skills.

If this sounds like a good resolution to you, I’ve got a link for you!  Check out Topic-Time     https://www.topic-time.jp/  

Topic-Time has friendly native English speakers dedicated to helping you improve your English communication skills, so you can reach your English language goals.  Come stroll around our site and arrange for a free trial class at your convenience.  

Learning English doesn’t need to stress you out! Come chillax (a combination of the words chill and relax) with us, and improve your conversational English or get tips and suggestions for improving other English communication skills.  Let us help you along on your English language journey!

Thank you!

Warm regards and best wishes for a sensational new year.  May you reach for the stars and shine!

Nancy G


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Thank you!  I hope the first quarter of 2020 has been good to you!  May the rest of the year be even better.  I know right now may be challenging with COVID-19 wreaking havoc, but hang in there!  I believe during dark times,  sometimes people can shine even brighter.

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