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  1. I like series too. Short and good fun. It is always good to listen native speakers in everyday occasions. I started to watch Young Sheldon few days ago.
  2. The comedies are my favorite. I watched Big Bang Theory and Friends ( I like Big Bang Theory more than Friends). I will definitely chose some from your list.
  3. Can someone recommend some source for preschoolers?
  4. I love tv series as well but I don't have so much free time. I watch 1-2 series per few months. Which one do you recommend?
  5. My sister uses Quizlet and she says it is very good. Yesterday talked about it to a common friend. She would definitely recommend.
  6. I had same problem with signing in. It is probably some temporary glitch.
  7. Here is in Serbian. I hope it will be helpful 1. Koji je broj vašeg kamiona/prikolice ? 2. Imate li neke dokumente sa sobom? Da li su to svi dokumenti koje imate kod sebe? 3. Koji je vaš broj putovanja / referentni broj? Možete li da proverite u svom sms-u? 4. Da li znate šta je natovareno na vaš kamion? Koliko paketa? 5. Potreban vam je izvozni dokument. 6. Potreban vam je uvozni dokument. 7. Potreban vam je tranzitni dokument. 8. Vaši dokumenti su u plavoj kutiji. 9. Idite u kancelariju carine
  8. And me? I have many cognomens which I don't mind. Eighteen wings, stay , fastest draw, super stainless and this me must have felt like living the dream, I reckon.
  9. I believe that the best way to learn a language is to travel. This gives a chance to hear how the native people speak.
  10. “Banana republic” for weak or corrupt country. Same idiom as in Serbia.
  11. Thank you Trabby. I was looking for something similar.
  12. Did anyone try grammarly? I installed the app yesterday. For me it looks good but I'm interested in your experiences.
  13. Nothing can replace live naturally communication. Technology helps but we still need to work on improving our communication skills.
  14. It is interesting way to learn. I practiced the same before.
  15. I wondered the same. There is same phase in Serbian.
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