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Old time English


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No, not Ye Olde Englishe. Just English spoken a few years back, by a part of the population in America, specifically the part that went on televison.

Boy, where the hell am I coming from? Allow me to explain.

I am basically a sucker for old American talk shows and panel shows. Thankfully YouTube has a lot of those. Stuff like What's My Line, The Dick Cavett Show, Firing Line. A lot of the pleasure I derive from those shows has to do with the language employed, which I find extremely polite, very rich and well emplyed. Host like John Daly, Dick Cavett and even William Buckley all have a delightful way to express themselves and adress their guests that I simply can't find on today programming. It's as if television has been dumbed down. Or perhaps it's just the natural evolution and I'm hopelessly pining for days gone by.

I mean, take a look at one of the shows mentioned, and compare it with the norm today - you can clearly see the difference!

What's My Line? Tony Randall, Joan Crawford

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