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Funny idioms


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I'm a happy person :grin:,I like to joke a lot and to hear jokes all day long ( who doesn't, huh? :tongue: ) so naturally, many of the idioms that I know are usually funny, or at least sound funny to me :smile:.

Here are a few:

"To drink like a fish" - usually used to describe people that drink heavily.

"The lights are on but nobody’s home" - you know the feeling, when you talk to someone and your message just doesn't seem to go through.

"To put a sock in it" - a funny way of telling someone to "shut up!".

So tell me, what are funniest idioms you know?

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There is this successful comedy meme Facebook page called "Portuguese Sayings" (search it!), which takes Portuguese idioms and makes a literal translation into English - the results are often absurd and hilarious. It has grown into a small industry lately, mostly putting the absurd translations into T-shirts, but still has its charm.

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I'd say "break a leg" is pretty fun mainly because it's used to replace the phrase "good luck." It's like the total opposite of wishing someone good luck  :laugh:. Although, it's supposed to be related to superstition and how saying "good luck" is actually going to bring bad luck  :speechless:.

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The idioms that seem funniest to me are highly visual ones which, when imagined are almost cartoonish.

For example, "wild goose chase," when you think of it literally is very silly.  It means a futile endeavor or pursuit.

Another one is "barking up the wrong tree" which again, literally, is referring to hunting dogs who are literally barking at the quarry that has climbed a tree to escape.  But as an idiom, it refers to a mistake or an incorrect assumption. 

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Each time anyone tells me to use my loaf I always laugh a lot since it makes me know that I amused them in some way thus need to correct myself.  When pigs fly is another comic idiom as for me since whenever I hear anyone mentioning it I always understand that what I am trying to do would never come into reality or use.

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