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Is pronunciation really important to speak Ukrainian?

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If you were to mispronounce words in Ukrainian, would native Ukrainians still be able to understand you or is pronunciation really important? I want to travel to Ukraine but my Ukrainian is not really good but I want to practice it when I go there and want to know if it will be a huge problem and if they'll still understand me if I try to speak it.

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Possibly, I am late with answer and this issue is not actual for you, but I will try to help.

Actually, it depends on the level of your Ukrainian. If you know basic words, common phrases and use appropriate word order in a sentence, so I think that poor pronunciation will not be a huge problem between you and Ukrainians. But just in case I offer you to find somebody from Ukraine and try to talk in the Skype.  This way, you can take part in a language exchange, thus your free time and time of your partner will not be wasted.

By the way, where are from? What is your native language? The point is, there are many young people in Ukraine who can speak and understand English. Even if you have some problems, speak English and people will help you.

At any way, do not forget to take English – Ukrainian dictionary.

Welcome to Ukraine. Do not panic, everything will be Ok! Ukrainians are very friendly people. If you want to ask me anything about Ukraine, language and culture of this country, so I will be glad to help you.

До побачення!


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