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Differences Between Japanese and English


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Understanding what are some of the grammar differences between Japanese and English is easy to learn the language. In example,

The Japanese writing system is complex. It uses three main scripts: Kanji (characters of Chinese origin), Hiragana (a syllabary*) and Katakana (a syllabary). Modern Japanese also uses the Latin script in advertising, or for company names and neologisms such as DVD.

Traditionally, Japanese is written and printed in columns from top to bottom and from right to left. Books start 'at the back'. Modern Japanese is written or printed in the same order of words on the page as English.

Despite these differences, Japanese learners of English rarely have particular difficulties with English writing. Latin script (and English in particular) is encountered by most Japanese in their everyday life from an early age. It is also commonly used in romaji (the representation of the entire Japanese writing system in Latin script, used for example for computer keyboard input or to help non-native speakers learn the language).

Find out all the differences in this Japanese grammar guide online, http://esl.fis.edu/grammar/langdiff/japanese.htm

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The major difference I noticed between Nihongo and English language is syntax. All my life, I was faced with Subject+Verb+Object because it was the same as in Filipino. However, the first time I learned Nihongo, I was bewildered to learn it was Subject+Object+Verb. As time went on, I got used to it and was no longer surprised when Korean language also utilizes the same syntax.

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