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The ugliest word of the year in german (Germany) (1995-2012)

Manuel Fuchs

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I have seen my friend linguaholic posted the word of the years (1995-2012), so i thought i can do the same BUT post the ugliest words in German (germany) according to duden.de. Here we go:

2012 Opfer-Abo        (this is actually my favorite one hehe)

2011 Döner-Morde

2010 alternativlos

2009 betriebsratsverseucht

2008 notleidende Banken

2007 Herdprämie

2006 freiwillige Ausreise

2005 Entlassungsproduktivität

2004 Humankapital

2003 Tätervolk

2002 Ich-AG

2001 Gotteskrieger

2000 national befreite Zone

1999 Kollateralschaden

1998 sozialverträgliches Frühableben

1997 Wohlstandsmüll

1996 Rentnerschwemme

1995 Diätenanpassung

If you don't understand some of them, please let me know. I will be glad to explain to u  :laugh:

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You can learn a lot about how a people perceive their language by knowing that they even have an "ugliest word of the year" !

I think that in German, due to the agglutinative nature of the nouns, you could end up with a limitless number of words and word combinations! It just seems to be what's the most fashionable or en vogue word at the moment that gets everyone's attention.

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