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  1. Has anyone had experience with the Rosetta Stone course? Particularly Japanese? I would like to learn and Rosetta Stone seems like a very good way.
  2. Is it just me, or are people now days not able to spell very well? Is it because we are all typing so quickly or just a lack of proper education? It's hard to blame it on keyboards when the words that are misspelled have corresponding letters that aren't anywhere near each other on a standard keyboard in the first place.
  3. Which keyboard do you guys use to make the Chinese characters on your phones and tablets? I need a really good one that is ad-free.
  4. How do I type the German umlauts on my keyboard?
  5. I was wondering today how many different versions of Spanish there really are. I know that certain regions have there own dialect but is there an exact number available?
  6. I know that tablets are very good study aides for children and adults alike , but how effective would the Kindle Fire be since it is not able to download Adobe Reader which is used for many of the available Android learning apps?
  7. I recommend the immersion process over classroom. My wife has a degree in Spanish and is very fluent while I picked it up through working and coordinating projects with Spanish speaking people. I am very equal to her level of fluency now.
  8. I have been interested in learning the Chinese language and I thought about Rosetta Stone when I found out a friend was using it and picking up the language rather quickly. I think it's a good way to go.
  9. This is my favorite quote as it can lend itself to every part of your life from business to family and from love to spirituality. “What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.”
  10. Having all of that information and more accessible at your fingertips will not only encourage people to learn, but to also think for themselves as they are not reading what someone else has stated as fact, but many different versions of that one fact.
  11. Yes, it's a good one. Just remember, as long as the noun follows the linking verb that stands for the subject, you really can't go wrong.
  12. Are there any good study apps for learning German? I use Living Language and I really like it, but I like to have a few different ones to use so they don't get redundant.
  13. Let's play the translation game, German edition. Translate this and then put your own phrase in for someone else to translate. auch Katzen wollen Schuhe
  14. I'll play! amar a una persona es dificil porque se necesita una gran cantidad de sacrificios Even cats want shoes!
  15. I will add a few that we use around the house a lot. Come here-herkommen What's for dinner?- was es zum Abendessen? Go to your room!- geh in dein Zimmer!
  16. I would like to hear form the rest of you out there on this one. My first Spanish teacher was a German woman with a very strong German accent that carried over into her Spanish. Already knowing German made it even worse for me because I would assume by the sound she was starting to make that she was saying something else. It really made learning difficult.
  17. Now days, a second and even third language is essential, and not only in the business world. Spanish should be one of the languages that you learn as you won't get very far in many Central and South American countries without it. I have even been to parts of the United States where Spanish was the predominant language spoken by almost everyone.
  18. I am in the process of opening an online store and found that I could save tens of thousands of dollars by dealing direct with the manufacturer in China. By knowing the language, I can eliminate that barrier and get my business started sooner with less hassles and no middle men.
  19. I use the pleco app and really like it a lot! I haven't used or heard of the other one you mention but you seem like you liek it so I might have to give it a try.
  20. Hi, my name is Ed and I am trying to learn a couple of languages to keep up with my daughter. I thought I would come here to meet others who are doing the same and then I would know others that I could bounce a couple of questions off of once in a while.
  21. I have used the pimsleur method before and didn't really like it. My four year old is learning a couple of languages right now and the way she is being taught is similar but she is grasping it so much better than I did. I think you are right about the way the pimsleur approach goes about teaching us, as adults we try to overthink things, but children do not so they will have better success in less time.
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