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I love tv series because it's my free time or when I'm on vacation I spend watching all the chapters. For example, I finished watching 4 series with 6 seasons and each one in my winter holidays. And now I'm thinking of continuing to watch a Netflix series before it released  for next season. 

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Using TV series is a great way to practice listening and comprehension skills.  I recommend watching comedy sitcoms from Netflix or other sites for a few reasons:

- Most people don't have much spare time each day to spend on TV.  Comedy sitcoms are only about 20 minutes long and could be watched while eating lunch or before bed. 

- Comedy sitcoms, compared to drama or action TV shows, usually use a simpler, easier to understand form of English in order to satisfy a wider audience.  Medical or Police TV shows usually have complicated vocabulary which can be confusing to English learners.  Even though comedy shows may use lots of idioms and expressions that could be confusing, the content is easier to understand and, most of the time, anything that could be considered confusing is explained through the context of the story.  

- If you find the right one, it can become very enjoyable and uplifting during a stressful day.  

There are many different shows that I would recommend, but it all really depends on what you are into.  Not all of them are on Netflix, but they usually show up on some streaming website:

-The Big Bang Theory
-King of Queens
-Arrested Development
-Parks and Recreation
-New Girl
-The Office
-30 Rock


If comedy sitcoms are not your thing, do you have any preference in genre that I could give a few suggestions?

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