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Visited France?

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I've visited France twice. The first time it was a deep in the woods village called Tillè, which is a really unremarkable place apart from the fact there's an international airport next to it. I also remember it being freezing in March. I followed unlovely Tillè with an underground tour of Paris, as I travelled by subway from Porte de Neully to Orly Airport. First time and Paris, and I barely saw the sky.

The second time was better. Got to spend a whole week in Paris, visiting some landmarks. I had to really remember my French which I hadn't used since learning it (poorly) in school, and was surprised at my ability to communicate properly. I don't think I had a single misunderstanding due to the language - the closest I got was when a French waiter, realizing I wasn't French, tried to speak to me English. I had no idea what he was on about, so poorly spoken it was. 

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